brahms kryptor compact plus 200

With small footprint and intelligent engineering, Thermo Scientific B·R·A·H·M·S KRYPTOR compact PLUS brings exceptional value to clinical laboratories.

This bench top analyzer is designed perfectly for small size routine labs or research labs with a need of up to 8 different immunoassays and a throughput of up to approximately 60 test per hour.

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Video: Why we chose Thermo Scientific B·R·A·H·M·S KRYPTOR compact PLUS? by Dr. Van den Berg

Watch what Dr. Sjoerd Van den Berg, Laboratory Director for Endocrinology, Erasmus MC-Klinische Chemie, Rotterdam, Netherlands, likes most about B·R·A·H·M·S KRYPTOR compact PLUS and how the unique TRACE technology is supporting his lab’s routine testing.

Video: Fully Automated B·R·A·H·M·S KRYPTOR Compact Plus

Lennart Suckau discusses the B·R·A·H·M·S KRYPTOR compact PLUS analyzer used for the B·R·A·H·M·S Biomarkers. Find out more on how this fully automated random-access immunoassay analyzer instrument provides optimal analytical precision and maximum economic efficiency yielding enhanced test performance with minimal hands-on time.